Monday, January 24, 2011

Youth Congress: Building a weak cadre

There are 3 ways in which people join the cadre of a party/politician:

1. Ideological leanings
2. Office of profit
3. Personal network- family, friends, associates

The congress is trying to build a youth cadre. From what it seems the main plank is to garner the youths behind rahul gandhi.
Now what does rahul stand for-
Youth with dynasty.
A hope for making things better in the context of total misgovernance in the state.
 But is that enough. What are the values and ideologies that rahul stands for? There seems to be no focus on promoting that.
As a result only that cadre is being built which comes from personal network and office of profit.this cadre is at max an opportunist cadre.
A cadre built on values and ideology shall work and support the party without direct benefit. That is grossly missing in congress and can do major harm in the long run.
A lot of effort was made through media to project rahul as a hope for the massive poor population of india but that has been eroded due to his inaction(including verbal) over the large scale corruption and steep inflation.
The only thing holding together the cadre is lure of office and personal network. Had it not been for the impotency of BJP, this cadre could have been easily broken. With RSS again taking control over BJP and BJP doing well in recent elections, don't be surprised if BJP starts to use the lure of office to break the congress cadre.
Moreover those people who have joined the cadre from a grassroot level based on certain values that they see in congress or its leadership are losing confidence due to lack of authority, no sync with senior leadership in the state(PCC) and difficult access to rahul's team.
Even now there seems to be no organised way of routing the grassroot views, news and pulse to rahul.
The fact that congress got 4 seats in bihar shows there is no cadre strength but a body of people joined together for office of profit.
If the same thing is happening in UP, we will have a repeat of wipe out we saw in Bihar.

Submitted by:
Rahul Swami
Political RoadMap Inc